Churchill Dental Accredited for the NSQHS Standards

Australian Commission has Accredited Churchill Dental of the new NSQHS Standards

In July 2012 news came of 10 new standards legislated from the Australian Commission to be released on both Medical and Dental Industries, these standards are called the ‘National Safety and Quality Health Services’ Standards. Churchill Dental registered for volunteered for accreditation of these 10 standards as a way of ensuring quality services and patient care within our practice, this is a testament to our hunger for excellence in patient care as these standards are not mandatory with the Medical and Dental industries as yet.

Churchill Dental underwent a thorough examination with Business Manager Lisa Jones responsible for implementation of the standards for 3months late 2012. The Australian Commission and Quality In Practice responsible to certify all applicants and endorsed by the Australian Dental Association marked our practice for our quality in patient care, escalation of care, health and safety, Medicine safety, Infection Control, Blood transfer, prevention and controlling infection, preventing and managing injuries and clinical handovers. Churchill Dental achieved accreditation with great success and was awarded with certification and an accreditation stamp. We are proud to be one of the first 30 practices to have been accredited across the Medical and Dental Industry Australia wide.

In recognition of Churchill Dental being leaders in accreditation as one of the first 30 practices across medical and dental in the country to be awarded, we were invited to join a ‘Accreditation Review Day’ with hand selected group of 30 leaders by the Australian Commission. Lisa Jones was asked to represent on behalf of Churchill Dental for the hills district and was also asked to stand as 1 out 2 presenters for private dental practice across Australia.

Lisa Jones explains …. ‘it was a great honour, on my left was Paul Andrews CEO of ADA Queensland and on my right was Murray Thomas our ADA NSW board of council member. Leading the day was Margaret Banks the Australian Commissioner’s head of NSQHS standards. We were there to critique the implementation of accreditation within the Australia’s medical and dental industry and ensure quality within all practices great and small. Being one of the first 40 to implement I was able to contribute vital feedback from our experience’s during the accreditation process’.