I’m terrified of the dentist …What can I do?

It is very common to have anxiety or even fear, about going to see a dentist. A great deal of people in our society let their dental condition worsen, because they fear going to the dentist more than the pain their dental problem is causing. This is a terrible fate, because the anxiety and fear can spiral out of control, and ruin the self-confidence and social, as well as family lives of victims.

Oral health is too important to neglect. We use our mouths to talk, eat, sing, laugh and smile. It is one of the first aspects of ourselves that people see and judge about us. Having great teeth can be just as easy as going to the hair dresser or beauty salon. Before modern technology, modern medicine, pharmacology and anaesthetics were invented, both medicine and dentistry were viewed with trepidation. However, at Churchill Eco Dental, there are many ways that our friendly, gentle and caring professional staff, assistants and dentists can help you with your dental anxiety.

Often, dentistry can be painless, and just uncomfortable. For patients who need greater anxiety management, at Churchill Eco Dental we provide a range of services that may help.

Some Churchill Eco Dental anxiety management options include:

· A calm, friendly relaxing environment, with soothing music and also movies-on-demand

· Inhalational Penthrox Sedation


· Oral Sedation


· Intravenous Sedation


Our friendly staff and gentle dentists at Churchill Eco Dental will be glad to help you. Most of our patients overcome all their dental anxieties and fears, once they see the modern dental technology and experience the latest gentle methods of dental treatments.

The easiest thing you can do is to come in for a free consultation, where we can take some photos, external x-rays, and a quick look to see what your dental condition is likely to need for treatment.