Fine Art Makes Us Smile

Our Local Fine Artist Makes Us Smile

Pablo Picasso, the great Spanish artist of the 20th Century poignantly stated: “The purpose of Art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” This mercurial painter felt that art can help make our ordinary lives less heavy, and when we are in the presence of a great piece of artwork, it can lift our spirits.

It is along these lines that we were inspired to commission bespoke pieces of art at Churchill Dental, to help lift the spirits of our patients, as well as ourselves. Our environmentally conservative green initiatives, and the establishment of our core practice values, gave us inspiration to share our best thoughts with our patients.

Our own resident fine art student, Samantha Stephenson, has designed with the creative help of Lisa Jones, created and installed some wonderful pieces of unique paintings and wall reliefs that help soften the look of our austere clinical walls. Sam, as we affectionately refer to Mrs. Stephenson, labored hard after work, measuring, designing and installing her creations in our treatment rooms.

One just has to gaze calmly at the new works to feel relaxed. Closer inspection of the details will reveal behind the painted panels, the mission and values that we Churchill Dental Team hold dear, and aspire to emulate each day.

Collaboration, kindness, compassion, understanding, empathy, quality, consistency and beauty are just some of the core values and beliefs that we practice at Churchill Dental.

Mrs. Stephenson will continue to help us improve the soothing, aesthetic quality of our workspaces, and we hope our patients will come in and appreciate the calming and relaxing effect that her tender art works provide.

We hope the art makes you smile.