Churchill Dental Accredited for the NSQHS Standards

Australian Commission has Accredited Churchill Dental of the new NSQHS Standards

In July 2012 news came of 10 new standards legislated from the Australian Commission to be released on both Medical and Dental Industries, these standards are called the ‘National Safety and Quality Health Services’ Standards. Churchill Dental registered for volunteered for accreditation of these 10 standards as a way of ensuring quality services and patient care within our practice, this is a testament to our hunger for excellence in patient care as these standards are not mandatory with the Medical and Dental industries as yet.
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Fine Art Makes Us Smile

Our Local Fine Artist Makes Us Smile

Pablo Picasso, the great Spanish artist of the 20th Century poignantly stated: “The purpose of Art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” This mercurial painter felt that art can help make our ordinary lives less heavy, and when we are in the presence of a great piece of artwork, it can lift our spirits.

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