Why does my breath smell so terrible every morning?

Bad breath, otherwise known as Halitosis can have many causes. They can be temporary or persistent. It’s management and treatment depends on careful identification of the cause.

The most common type is “morning mouth” which is normal. During the day, the saliva does a great job of washing away food and bacteria. At night, our saliva flow is reduced over a period of a few hours. This washing action is no longer occurring and so the amount of bacteria in the mouth grows releasing foul odours in the process.

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My teeth are discolored, does that mean they’re unhealthy?

Having discoloured or darkened teeth colour, does not necessarily mean that your teeth are unhealthy. Just like hair colour, there are many differing colours of teeth between different people. And just like hair, teeth may also change colour as we age, become unwell, or suffer from a number of dental conditions, such as, root canal infections. Sometimes, teeth are merely stained from food and drink – red wine and black tea are common culprits of dental staining.

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